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Circus AgencyLooking for a circus agency to provide you with circus performers for your next big event? The Circus Guide Entertainment Agency provides a wide variety of circus artists for corporate events, television, circuses, theatres, and theme parks all over the world. Not only do we offer a fantastic selection of circus artists, but we would also be delighted to provide complete, unique circus shows tailored to your exact requirements. Whether you need complete planning or just a special touch for your event, the Circus Guide Entertainment Agency carefully considers all your needs resulting in a truly memorable performance. Put yourself in our capable hands, and let us show you and your guests the best talent on offer today.

To understand more about the various circus disciplines, read the articles below:

Masters of Clowning and Physical Comedy

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clown act

Synthesizing the genres of circus and variety, this clowns base their performance on the theatrical art of pantomime. Masters of physical comedy, they have worked together with some of the greatest names in theatre history (including Marcel Marceau and Slava Polunin) to produce their own special brand of humour. This clown act has won prizes and laureates at festivals the world over and where ever they perform, laughter follows.

Victories and prizes gained at various festivals and competitions brought huge popularity and a fan following to the group, which was granted the status of "Professional Theatre" in 1989. Since their first tour of Germany, our clowns have made lasting impressions upon audiences, and have provoked great interest from the press and on TV.

High-Speed Costume Change Illusion - Guinness World Records Winners

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High-Speed Costume Change Illusion

Twice World Champions of Quick Change Magic. Guinness World Records Winners in High-Speed Costume Change Illusion - 16 costumes in just 120 seconds - Germany - September 2007 Guinness World Record Winners in High-Speed Costume Change Illusion - 12 costumes in just 60 seconds - China - December 2007. Magicians of the Year 2007 - Awarded by Magic Circle in Germany,Best Variety Artists 2007 in Germany - International Variety Festival "Showprice", Awarded "Best Magic" - International Crcus Festival in Budapest Gold Medal in Paris - Mandrak D'OrWon 1st Place in Moscow - "Artists on the Stage"...

Spanish Illusionist and Magician

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Spanish Illusionist and Magician
Meet Daniel, a Spanish illusionist and magician. His is a young, visually interesting magic show with higg-energy, good presentations, and a lot of experience working for international audiences. 

As a magician Daniel has worked with his magic shows in different theatres and stages of Spain, Holland, Germany, China, Portugal, France and Las Vegas in the USA. 

Daniel performs illusions and an award winning dove magic and quick change act. Also, he has a 1 hour magic show, which can be made longer if needed. Daniel can perform shows speaking English or Spanish, as well as the introduction to in other languages such as German, Italian, French, Chinese or 100% visual magic show.

News from the 38th International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo!

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Acrobatic Duo

The International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo, or Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo in French, is an annual circus event held since 1974 in Monte Carlo, Monaco and is the most prestigious circus festival in the world.

Only the very best and most technically skilled circus artists in the world are invited to participate in the International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo and winning a prize there is surely the highlight of any circus performer’s career. It’s the circus equivalent of winning an Oscar!

Names of the best circus performers of the 38th International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo were announced by Princess Stephanie of Monaco, among them our good friends and excellent circus performers, the acrobatic duo Anton and Vlad. They won a Bronze Clown award for their highly technical and modern hand-to-hand acrobatic performance.

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