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Circus AgencyLooking for a circus agency to provide you with circus performers for your next big event? The Circus Guide Entertainment Agency provides a wide variety of circus artists for corporate events, television, circuses, theatres, and theme parks all over the world. Not only do we offer a fantastic selection of circus artists, but we would also be delighted to provide complete, unique circus shows tailored to your exact requirements. Whether you need complete planning or just a special touch for your event, the Circus Guide Entertainment Agency carefully considers all your needs resulting in a truly memorable performance. Put yourself in our capable hands, and let us show you and your guests the best talent on offer today.

To understand more about the various circus disciplines, read the articles below:

Contortionist from Russia

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contortionist from Russia

Karima is a contortionist from Russia. She was a gold medal winner in Paris “Festival de Demain”- 1997, was awarded with the silver medal at the Circus Festival in Monaco “Premiere Rampe”, and was a first place winner in Massy festival "Cristal de Piste".

Karima is the fourth generation of a circus family, whose fame extends back more than 100 years. Karima found her talent in the contortion genre, which in olden times was called “Lady Snake”.  Sensual and supple, Karima's beauty is matched by her exquisite technique.  Her act, named “Spring”, was directed by Valentin Gneouchev.

Russian Bar Trio on Spheres

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Russian Bar Trio

This Russian Bar Trio exemplify the highly intricate acrobatic-aerial techniques required for the dangerous art of Russian Barre. Originally from the Ukraine, the circus artists come from sports acrobatics and gymnastic backgrounds. Currently they work in various European countries and are currently enjoying a steady rise in popularity. 

Amazing Musical Ice Sculpture Show for hire!

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 ice sculpture show

This amazing musical ice sculpture show is truly one of a kind. Be prepared to be inspired as Zice, a prize winning ice sculptor, performs masterfully using chain saws, chisels, grinders and fire to create what can only be believed when witnessed!

Assisting him is MooNiE the Magnif'Cent, using a combination of clowning, ice sculpting and fire (fire optional) making for a performance that is as striking as it is funny.

Maintaining the energy and atmosphere are Jesus on violin, and Nima on the Chapman stick. A cultural melting pot, their music is a combination of European classical music and opera with a delicious blend of Cuban, Dominican, and African cultural sounds. To complete this multi-media affair, Nima is responsible for the visual effects projected on to a screen behind the performers.  

Magician and Illusionist

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Magician and Illusionist

An ideal choice for theme parks and children's shows, Albert is a magician who favors the 'classic' traditions in magic. Alberts's magical repertoire includes card tricks, 'Decapitation' of an audience member, The 'Levitation' illusion, an act with pialas and a flying table, Chinese Linking Rings, a clown's act with silks and cords, close-up magic for 'mix and mingle' type situations and much, much more. His open and friendly manner make him an engaging character, always a crowd favourite.


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