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Aerial Ring Performer

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aerial ring act

The long-legged Aleksandra graduated in 2002 from the 'Kiev State College of Circus and Variety Art' specializing in aerial ring act. Later, wishing to extend her skill and knowledge base, she completed a course in circus art production (2007) at the 'Karpenko-Kariy Kiev National University of Theatre, Cinema and TV'.

Aleksandra offers three variations of her aerial ring act with different themes, music, and costumes. As a multi-skilled circus performer who also offers a very nice carpet juggling act, Aleksandra is an ideal choice for events requiring more than one circus act.


Employment Record

  • 2000 (November) - 2001 (November)- Park 'Lotte World', Seoul, South Korea.
  • 2003 (February-June) - Circus "Phoenix Junior" Paris, France.
  • 2004 (February) - Presentation of new model notebooks for 'Samsung', Dehli, India.
  • 2004 (December) - Jubilee of 'Gillette', Dehli, India.
  • 2005 (January-March) - Circus in Cairo, Egypt
  • 2006 (March-October) - Circus 'Warszawa', Poland.
  • 2007 (November) - Jubilee of magazine 'Men's Health', Bombay, India.
  • 2007(December) Festival of Arts, Doha, Qatar.

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