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Masters of Clowning and Physical Comedy

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Synthesizing the genres of circus and variety, this clowns base their performance on the theatrical art of pantomime. Masters of physical comedy, they have worked together with some of the greatest names in theatre history (including Marcel Marceau and Slava Polunin) to produce their own special brand of humour. This clown act has won prizes and laureates at festivals the world over and where ever they perform, laughter follows.

Victories and prizes gained at various festivals and competitions brought huge popularity and a fan following to the group, which was granted the status of "Professional Theatre" in 1989. Since their first tour of Germany, our clowns have made lasting impressions upon audiences, and have provoked great interest from the press and on TV.


In 1991 they were included in the World Clown Association in Bognor Regirz, Great Britain, and their status as first rate comedians was confirmed when they took the Gold Prize in Stuttgart at the 1st International Contest of Actors in a Variety Show. This event was the launch pad to many other countries and the competitions, new awards and achievements. Memorable meetings and joint performances with stars such as 'Mini-Max', Dimitri, Olli, Hardy Hatter, Jango Edwards, 'Kolombaoni', Polunin, and 'Licedei' have gone to further inspire the group and to hone their theatrical skills.

In 1997 this clowns received their greatest career highlight and inspiration during a meeting in Brussels with the great Marcel Marceau, the world master of pantomime. By studying and analyzing the creative works of M. Marceau and other great comedians, such as Charley Chaplin and Buster Keaton, our clowns have developed their own original style.

The distinguishing feature of ouri clown is improvisation and continuous contact with audience. Their clown names mean a rich combination of mimicry and physical theatre, the kind of comedy that appeals to everyone, irrespective of age.

Due to their repertoire which comprises of solo programs as well as group performances, our clowns possess a wide experience of combining their clown show with performers of other genres.

Their clown theatre of a physical comedy has obtained world recognition, going on tour and continuing to give concerts in Europe, South America, Japan, Germany, and other countries.

Technical Info:

Performance app. 90  minutes length, 5 people incl. 3 artists, 1 technician, 1 executive Break / no break (length of the show and interval could be adopted according Your needs) (COMPANY): agrees to provide clowns with the following items and/or services in the manner specified.


COMPANY agrees to provide¬†Air transport:Economy class ‚Äď 5 tickets¬†and adequate local transportation between the theatre, hotel, airport, activities for all rehearsals, performances and residency activities as needed.

2 ‚Äď ACCOMMODATION¬†(One day before ‚Äď a day after the show).1-dbl3-sng (artists) Detailed schedule (plan) of stay should be provided by Company after tour group arrival.

3 - LIGHTINGCOMPANY agrees to provide lighting equipment to meet minimum THEATRE lighting requirements including the following items: Follow spots locations (two) such that they are able to cover the entire stage upstage of the plaster line, and cover the area of the first 5 rows of the orchestra seating.Main colors to be used:  white (front of stage); add. colors: red, yellow, blue (front & rear).Scattered light lamp with capacity of 1000 W (essential). Hazer (Smoke factory)

4 - SOUND SYSTEMCOMPANY will provide professional audio system comprised in working order such that entire theater audience area (including entire balcony and front of orchestra seating) will be covered to a level of 95db SPL. System should be comprised of professional quality components and controllable by THEATRE audio engineer.

5 ‚Äď ESSENTIAL PROPS:¬†The newsprint rolls, up to 20 kg per each concert, glue.¬†Paper could be found at any polygraph facility (unused, raw material, etc).¬†White floor (linoleum)Need 4 hours to prepare the stage and 2 hours to dismantle.

6 - DRESSING AND WARDROBE AREASCOMPANY will be provided at least 2 dressing rooms for 3 performers and THEATRE crew, located no more than one floor from the stage, with lighting, make-up tables, chairs, mirrors, costume racks, and nearby restrooms with lavatories and toilets (that are not for public use) and preferably with showers.

7 ‚Äď HOSPITALITYDuring the full duration of the tour, starting with the day of the arrival, full breakfast and 2 hot meals per day (lunch & dinner) and ample amount of non-alcoholic beverages will be arranged and provided by the COMPANY. Beginning with Technical/Dress Rehearsals and continuing through performances, dressing rooms should be supplied with one quart (1, 5 L) of spring water (not carbonated) for each person for each day.

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