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Circus AgencyLooking for a circus agency to provide you with circus performers for your next big event? The Circus Guide Entertainment Agency provides a wide variety of circus artists for corporate events, television, circuses, theatres, and theme parks all over the world. Not only do we offer a fantastic selection of circus artists, but we would also be delighted to provide complete, unique circus shows tailored to your exact requirements. Whether you need complete planning or just a special touch for your event, the Circus Guide Entertainment Agency carefully considers all your needs resulting in a truly memorable performance. Put yourself in our capable hands, and let us show you and your guests the best talent on offer today.

To understand more about the various circus disciplines, read the articles below:

Introducing the Circus Guide Entertainment Gallery

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Circus Guide Entertainment Gallery

We at the Circus Guide Entertainment Agency are introducing a new tool which will help our clients to research and select multiple circus acts, shows, and entertainers for corporate events based on act image presentations.

We know that sitting down and researching videos can sometimes be time consuming due to the sheer volume of entertainers in our data base. It would literally take months to go through the tons of entertainment material we offer!

Multi-Skilled Male Aerial Contortionist

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Multiskilled Male Aerial Performer

Daniel’s remarkable talent was apparent from a young age. His early performance experiences representing his local dance studio as an acrobat and contortionist in regional dance festivals spurred him on to further his training in the Performing Arts.

In 2003 he completed a Bachelor of Circus Arts from Australia’s National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in Melbourne. Daniel began his professional career performing in many different corporate shows and events. This exposure led to him being chosen by Cirque Du Soleil for their development and production of “KA” which is a permanent show in Las Vegas showing at the MGM Grand.

International Circus Festival City of Figueres

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International Circus Festival City of Figueres

The 3rd International Circus Festival City of Figueres (Festival Internacional del Circ Ciutat de Figueres) was held frоm the 20th to the 24th of February 2014 in Figueres, Spain. The uniqueness of the concept of this circus festival is in presenting circus performers, acts, and attractions never seen before in Europe.

Circus Festival City of Figueres is one of the youngest among international circus festivals, but its organisation and unique concept makes it one of the most interesting ones in our opinion.

Held in a large tent with 2250 seating places, International Circus Festival City of Figueres has three different shows: Blue, Red and Gold, with the Gold show performed only by the award winning circus acts.

How to impress an entertainment agency with your email!

Written by Circus Guide Agency. Posted in Circus Guide Agency Blog

Circus Agency

Based on our past experience as professional circus artists, we at the Circus Guide Entertainment Agency understand how difficult it can be for artists trying to make contact with entertainment agencies, theatres, circuses, and other possible employers. With this in mind, we decided to make this short tutorial for all circus performers wanting to join our entertainment agency artist database.

Have you ever wondered why after sending so many emails to different entertainment agencies you never heard anything back from them? This article was written by the Circus Guide Entertainment Agency dedicated to all circus performers, dancers, singers, musicians, and specialty acts in the hope that the information below will help them to promote themselves more efficiently, and to be noticed!

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Artist Representation

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