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Circus Guide Entertainment Agency

Founded in 2007 by Vladimir Tatarchuk and Joanna Nagle-McMenamin, Circus Guide Entertainment Pty Ltd operates out of Ukraine and Australia, where the company is officially registered, representing circus artistsfully produced shows, dancers and specialty acts world-wide.

As a member of the Ukrainian national team Vladimir Tatarchuk competed at the highest levels of sports acrobatics and attained the status of “International Master of Sport’. He has performed acrobatics in banquine troupes, as well as in a men’s acrobatic duo and a mixed adagio pair.

During their artistic career, Vladimir and Joanna created a range of circus acts including an acrobatic adagio, static and flying silks, aerial ring, and trapeze. 

 "With experience in act and show production, whether you need complete planning or just a special touch for your event, the Circus Guide Entertainment Agency team are the perfect consultants for a truly memorable performance."

Circus Guide Entertainment Agency

A classically trainer dancer, Joanna worked professionally around the world including at the famed ‘Moulin Rouge’ in Paris, and the ‘Friedrichstadt Palast’ in Berlin. As an aerialist and vocalist she created singing aerial acts on silks and trapeze. 

A major strength lies in our communication skills. Between us we speak English, Russian, Ukrainian and German which largely eliminates any language barriers. We oversee the entire process from the effective selection of artists and the conducting of negotiations for our clients, to the signing of contracts and the assisting of artists with collection of all relevant documents needed to begin their employment. 

Beyond casting artists for shows, our services also extend into the realms of show production, choreography, and artist management on location during the creation process. We are proud to carry with us our rich stage experience and creativity into the production/management side of show business.

Our working knowledge of the entertainment industry as both artists and talent agents puts us in an excellent position to fully understand and fulfill the needs of all our clients. Since the foundation of the company, a highly successful marketing strategy has allowed us to built up a solid client base of production companies, circuses, and event companies across the world.

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